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Written by Mark Grey   


10. Deron Williams (age 23), Utah Jazz (NBA)Chris Paul - New Orleans Hornets

The best point guard in basketball that no one talks about, on

the best team in basketball that no one talks about.  Deron

Williams is a beast.  He is strong, athletic, can shoot, and is a

leader.  He has all the tools to be one of the best point guards in

the league for the next ten years, and the coach to show him

how to do so.  While Paul gets all the attention, there numbers

are almost identical except Williams has already taken his team

to the conference finals.


9.  Freddy Adu (age 18), S.L. Benfica (Soccer)

We have been talking about this kid forever it seems and still he

is only 18.  If anyone is going to make Americans care about soccer, it's not going to be David Beckham.  If Adu can lead

the US soccer team to make any noise in the World Cup, it could possibly be a big deal -- even here in America.


8. Kevin Durant (age 19), Seattle SuperSonics (NBA)

It's still too early to tell how good he will be, but the fact that he was able to play 80 games this year was a shock to

many -- myself included.  They have him listed at 225 and while I'm not so sure about that one, he should fill out as he

gets older.  The kid can flat out score and is not afraid to take the big shot, or any other shot for that matter, or play with

the big boys.

7. Carmelo Anthony (age 23), Denver Nuggets (NBA)

Melo has been on the national stage for so long now, it's easy to forget that he is only 23.  With his ability to put the ball

on the floor, shoot the three, and post up, he is as good a scorer as there is in the NBA.  Not only can Melo put up

points, he can put them up when it matters, as he has become one of the games best clutch shooters.  His defense is a

work in progress, but as long as he can stay out of trouble off the court, Melo will leave his mark on NBA history.


6. Dwight Howard (age 22), Orlando Magic (NBA)

After seeing what athletic abilty this young man has, it's hard for me to even put him this low.  Listed at 6'11 and 265lbs.,

he has the body of an action hero.  Think Shaq meets David Robinson.  In a league that is starving for true centers,

Howard should be dominating for years to come.


5. Prince Fielder (age 23), Milwaukee Brewers (MLB)

After becoming the youngest player to ever hit 50 homers last year while batting almost 290, you've got to think there are

a few MVP's in his future.  At this young of an age and with 80 already in the bag, the 500 homerun club should be well in

reach as long as there are no major injuries.


4. Adrian Peterson (age 23), Minnesota Vikings (NFL)

He was the best running back in the NFL last year, hands down.  1,300 yards in 14 games and 5.6 yards a carry are eye-

popping numbers for anyone, but even more so when its a rookie.  The only thing that might hold him back is the same

thing that makes him great -- his running style.  Peterson runs so hard and straight foward you cant help but wonder how

long his body can take that constant punishment.  If he is able to stay healthy, there is no reason he doesnt finish his

career with 3 rushing titles minimum.


3. Chris Paul (age 22), New Orleans Hornets (NBA)

Having your name mentioned with the likes of Kobe, and KG for MVP in only your third season is not a bad start to a

career.  In only his third season in the NBA, Paul has taken the title of the best point guard in the game and run with it,

and it doesn't look like he is giving it up anytime soon.  I'm sure this season was just the first of many 20 and 10 seasons

to come.


2. Alexander Ovechkin (age 22), Washington Capitals (NHL) / Sidney Crosby (age 20), Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL)

Alexander Ovechkin (left, Washington Capitals) & Sidney Crosby (right, Pittsburgh Penguins)These two will be linked together forever like Magic and

Bird.  They have won the last two MVP awards and I'm

sure there will be more to come for both of them.  Take

your pick with either one but which ever you chose,

know you can't lose either way.  At a time where

hockey is at an all time low in fan interest, in comes

two great talents at the same time.  This is like having

Gretzky and Lemieux in their prime at the same time.  These two will be battling it out for scoring titles for years to come

-- after just 3 years the score is tied at one.


1. LeBron James (age 23), Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA)

At only 23, I dont think your future can get any brighter.  Already nicknamed "King James," it looks like the future of the

NBA rests in his hands.  James has been hyped ever since his freshman year in high school, and has lived up to all the

hype and then some.  With a scoring title under his belt and one trip to the finals already down, the sky's the limit.  He's

got the image, he's got the game, he's good, he's smart, and gosh darnit -- people like him.


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