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Written by Mark Grey   


10. Randy Johnson (MLB)Randy Johnson


Once the most feared pitcher in all of Baseball, Johnson is now a third pitcher at best. In his prime, the Big Unit was known for his 100 mph plus fastball. These days it's much closer to 95. Johnson, who seemed like he would strike out 10 batters almost every time he took the mound, has struck out 10 batters or more only twice in his last 50 starts. His back has been bothering him for years now, and last year, it caused him to miss all but 10 starts. It appears that he is hanging around to reach the 300 win milestone. Let’s hope he reaches it this year so he can retire, and bring an end to his Hall of Fame career.


9. Eddie Jones (NBA)


Believe it or not young boys and girls, Kobe Bryant used to be his backup. It takes a real NBA follower to even know that Jones is still in the league. Jones, who played in 47 games for the Mavericks this year, averaged a career low 3.7 points a game while shooting a dismal 37 percent from the floor. Once know as one of the premier wingmen in the NBA, Jones has been on three teams in the last two years. In his prime, Jones was a three time All-Star known for lock down defense. Now he is 36 years old and chasing a ring. Hopefully Eddie hangs it up soon.


8. Kyle Petty (NASCAR)


His father raced well past his prime, but he also won 200 races and the title “The King.” Not that Kyle's' prime was all that great -- he has eight career wins -- but it was still a long time ago. Kyle has not won a race in 13 years and has only finished in the top five once in the last 10 years. With gas at an all-time high, seems like Kyle isn’t doing much but wasting it every Sunday. It’s only so long your surname can carry you. I think it's time to hang it up Kyle and let someone else get a shot.


Kyle Petty7. Bernard Hopkins (Boxer)


Hopkins has been an old champ for many years. Now that he is no longer the champ he is just old. Hopkins has been able to beat just about everybody except father time. The once unbeatable Hopkins has been beat rather often lately. After going 12 years without a loss, Hopkins has lost three of his last five fights. His place in boxing history is safe and he has nothing left to prove so why not retire?


6. Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine (MLB)


Maddux is arguably the best pitcher baseball has seen in the last 30 years. He and Glavine were the best one-two pitching combo in baseball for almost ten years. Between the two of them, they have won five Cy Young's over 650 games. After putting together a record 17 years in a row with 15 wins, Maddux hasn't won 15 games in four years. Both of them are still solid pitchers, but far away from the aces they once were. With both of them over 40 and their best days behind them, wouldn't it be great for them to retire at the same time? What the hell, might as well throw John Smoltz in there with them too.


5. Trent Green (NFL)


Although Green may be able to still play QB at the NFL level, why should he? After two season ending head injuries, you have to wonder what will the next one do to him. Every time Green gets hit, everyone watching the game holds their breath hoping he is ok. With a bright broadcasting career ahead of him, lets hope Green walks off the field in his last game, instead of being carted off of it.


4. Jeremy Roenick (NHL)


If the players on “Blades of Steel” had names, Roenick's would have been on there. After playing 20 seasons, Roenick has announced that he will be back next year for one more. At the height of his career, Jeremy had 100 points three years in a row ... in his last three seasons combined, he hasn't scored 100 points total. Once known as a franchise player, he has been on four teams in the last four seasons. With his best scoring days way behind him, it might be time to hang those skates up.


3. Dikembe Mutombo (NBA)


One of the greatest shot blockers in NBA history, Mutombo can still do so, but that's about it. After 17 NBA seasons, he has very little to offer. Although he can still play good defense, he can only give you 10 minutes a game tops. He hasn't averaged over five points a game in over four years. He has already had a great career, I just hope he leaves the NBA before the NBA leaves him.


2. Bobby Bowden/ Joe Paterno (NCAA)Bobby Bowden (left), Joe Paterno (right)


They have a combined 75 years of head coaching experience. These two look like they don't planing on leaving until they die on the sidelines. Can't we just agree on a win total that they can tie at and call them both the winning-est Division 1 coaches in history? While they have both lead their programs to the mountain top and instilled a winning tradition, they are now leading their programs right back down the mountain. At 78 and 81 years old respectively, I think retirement has been calling there names for a couple of years now. I would much rather see them leave the field being carried out on their players shoulders as opposed to an ambulance.


1. Alonzo Mourning (NBA)


The true definition of a Warrior in every sense of the word, but nobody wants to see him die on the battlefield. At age 37 and already in the possession of a ring, what is there left to play for? To see Zo out there giving 110 percent every night on a very bad Heat team is just unfair. With bad knees, a bad back and already down one kidney, it might be time to give that body a well deserved rest.


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