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Written by Mark Grey   

10. J.R. Smith (Denver Nuggets) 1.3 million


Monta Ellis - Golden State WarriorsHe's the true definition of instant offense. On a team that has four starters making over ten million alone there's no question Smith gives them the most bang for there buck. Smith is the best three point shooter on the team, and one of the best slashers as well. Whenever the Nuggets need a quick shot of energy Smith is always more then happy to help, scoring more than 12 points a game in less then 20 minutes.


9. Jamario Moon (Toronto Raptors) $427,163


While his 8.5 points a game might not jump out at you, the fact that he started 75 games this year should. No other Raptor on the team made less then 1.5 million last year. Moon provided the Raptors with solid defense all year long as he lead the team in blocks and finished second in rebounds. Add the fact that Moon is good for at least one highlight reel dunk a game and he is a flat out steal for less then half a million a year.


8. Luol Deng (Chicago Bulls) 3.3 million


Although Deng did not have the break out season everyone thought he would, his numbers still were not that shabby. His 17 points a game and 6 rebounds are numbers that any coach would love to have on his team. At 3.3 million, he was just the 7th highest paid player on the team.


7. Grant Hill (Phoenix Suns) 1.8 million


After years of giving the Magic the least bang for their buck, Hill finally earned his pay check. Hill not only meet his expectations with the Suns, he exceeded them. He started 70 games this year, his most since leaving Detroit nine years ago, giving the Suns 13 points and 5 rebounds a game -- both solid numbers for a small forward. While the Suns paid more then 50 million dollars to the other four starters, Hill's 1.8 looks like chump change.


6. Brandon Roy (Portland Trailblazers) 2.8 million


Despite Being the ninth highest paid player on a very young Blazers team, Roy lead the team in both scoring and assists. In just his second year in the NBA, Roy made the All-Star team, and led the Blazers to 41 wins in a very competitive Western Conference. There is no doubt a very big pay day in Roy's future.


5. Andre Iguodala (Philadelphia 76ers) 2.8 million


Iguodala averaged more points, rebounds, and assists then All-Star Rashard Lewis at 12 million dollars less. That is in no way a knock on Lewis, it just shows how much of a bargain Iguodala was last year. Although five other Sixers made more money than Iguodala last year, he was the one who carried his team to the playoffs (then left them there) down the stretch. With Andre due a new contract next season, you can bet he won't come nearly as cheap next year.


4. Josh Smith (Atlanta Hawks) 2.2 million


Josh Smith - Atlanta HawksNot to many people can go against Kevin Garnett (the 100 million dollar man) for seven games in a row and hold their own. There is no question Smith is one of the best up and coming stars in the league. He is one of the most athletic players in NBA and is capable of guarding almost all five positions on the floor. His seventeen points and eight rebounds a game will surely earn him a big raise soon ... o yea, did I mention he was third in the NBA in blocks?


3. Chris Paul (New Orleans Hornets) 3.6 million


You can bet Paul wont be on this list long. The Hornets will make sure they max Paul out the first chance they get. Very rare you get a MVP runner-up for under 10 million dollars a year. Paul who has staked his claim as the best point guard in the league, is not even in the top twenty highest paid point guards. To take it even further, Paul is not even the highest paid point guard on his own team. To get a player who makes everyone on the team better at only 3.6 million, that's the epitome of a NBA bargain.


2. Kevin Martin (Sacramento Kings) 1.8 million


Martin might be the most underrated player in the entire NBA. His 23.7 points per game made him the sixth leading score in the NBA last season, ahead of names like Dirk and McGrady. Martin's backup made more than twice as much money as he did last year. Most 20 point scorers are going to run you at least ten million a year, which make Martin a true bargain at 1.8.


1. Monta Ellis (Golden State Warriors) $770,610


Ten players on Ellis' team made more money than him last season. After last years breakout season, the Warriors were so sure of Ellis' skills that they traded away starter Jason Richardson (who made 11 million last year) and gave the spot to Ellis. Ellis did not disappoint, scoring over twenty points a game and only missing one game all season while logging 38 minutes. On a team known for taking bad shots, Ellis proved to be a steadying force shooting over 53 percent from the floor. When you look at the fact that his backcourt mate Baron Davis made over 15 million more then him last year, Ellis is the biggest steal in the entire NBA.




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