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Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

What's up folks?  Hope everyone's week has been great - mine has been good.


The game we were supposed to have on Thursday was pushed back to Monday against the team we can't beat.  This time they had no American and like 3 starters out so we didn't take them seriously..... somehow we still lost to them.  It kinda gets me mad how little some of these guys care about basketball and how unintelligent they are.  I had almost 40 but our main local, a guy who does care, didn't play well so we lost the game.  Didn't matter anyhow because that team is a #1 playoff seed.


We have 1 more game against a bad team thursday then season is over. i might be home this weekend cause playoffs dont start till like early june so i wouldnt have to be back to be back until late may but i am trying to make sure i am still getting paid for this month i would be home (gotta get my paper cuts). our soccer team that big timed us won their championship congrats to them. the nba play offs has started best time of the year might i add i miss playing in them, and so far the games are really good, goodluck to all my friends that are playing. i also saw some amazing boxing on my slingbox this weekend andre berto lost in a classic fight, im kind of upset juan manuel lopez lost his fight though hes one of the best pound 4 pound in the world. well guys im hoping ill be home this time next week watching the playoffs with my boys thanks for listening to me.


ur boy slim.



Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

What's up people?  Hope you all had a great week.  I'm still holding on out here in Saudi.  Time is flying by pretty fast but I'm missing my family and friends.

So yesterday, it rained out here which they don't get a lot of so people were pretty excited about that - they wanted to just hang outside, lol.  Nothing really new happened this week but today we got big timed by our soccer team.  Soccer is the big sport here and our team is good and very well paid.  So today there was a little sand storm (just wind really) so they came in the gym and kicked us out.  We have a pretty big game tomorrow against the #1 team and we practiced for about 15 minutes.  It was kinda funny.  It's like they are the NBA players here.

So right now as I write this and listen to music I'm frying some chicken.  I made sweet and spicy spaghetti yesterday.  Then I'm going to get my hair cut after I eat.  Sorry it's short this week you guys but Players Voice stays on me about getting it done early before the cool stuff happens (lol).  I will let you guys know if we can finally beat this team tomorrow - y'all take care.

your boy Slim.


Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

What's up my people?  Hope you all are doing well.  I've played and won 2 games since I last blogged.  I'm on the plane coming from my game right now actually - the 1st game was this dirty team who beat me up pretty bad but we won still.  Today's game was against this American.   He's like 6'6, 290, all muscle.  I joked with my center who's like 6'9 215 about having to wrestle with this guy and for sure when he got fouls, coach put me on this dude.  I am 6'9 but I'm a guard.  I'm not weak and I've been lifting out here a lot but I'm not built for holding baby Shaq off.  I mean, I can't even call it wrestling, and they weren't calling 3 seconds at that.  My coach tells me to play behind him (pause) not in front (remember I told y'all how dumb coach is).  That makes no sense.  I fronted him every time I could and he couldn't get the ball.


Also this week when I went to get my hair cut I saw an African Saudi getting a perm in his hair which I though was pretty funny because I see a lot of these dark guys with nice hair here.  I see their trick lol.


The NCAA tourney was pretty crazy too.  I caught some games - congrats to UConn and Butler.  That Butler coach is gonna get every offer.  I'm just waiting the NBA playoffs to start.  But here in Saudi has been the same.  I've started playing Fight Night a lot lately.  I love the game.  I'm on the last fight of champion mode now and haven't played Black Ops much this week.


But I'm sure y'all wanna hear about Saudi....  hmmm well this week I ate at a saudi place that had camel but sorry I didn't try it.  When I do, I will let y'all know how it is.  But they have this fried chicken place that is so awesome.  They give you four pieces of chicken (thigh,breast,leg, wing) and fries for less then 4 dollars with this bread that comes with it and they stay open late.  They would kill in the states.  Well you guys I'm about to finish writing a rap I started.  I'll get back to y'all next week.  Y'all take care.


your boy Slim.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What's going on my people, I'm back for my second blog post. I left y'all with me about to play a game last week.

Well let me tell y'all about my game. The team isn't bad at all. Like I said last week, they beat my team before I got here.  They usually bring in big men as their important player but this guy was a guard - never seen him before but he was a pretty good shooter. Well their point guard is good - ours are young and inexperienced. They say he had 40 last game so I teased them about that since I first heard about it; they shut him down to like 9 or 10 but he still made good passes and controlled game.

Their team was really controlling the game. I was actually sick this game and couldn't breath. I was getting tired quick and this American was guarding me. Usually I just kill the Saudi's, lol. I had a few offensive rebounds, but I really didn't touch the ball much. Our team has no discipline and they always double me.

So 4th quarter late we're down like 10. I'm thinking we lost this one, but then we started playing a little defense. Their import gets his 3-pointer blocked and they call a foul.... dude misses all 3. I mean, he could shoot but he missed like 5 or 6 free throws this game. Next play, I take the ball and pull up for three. He fouls me and I hit all 3. We get a steal, score again, their coach get a tech, I hit both and we're up 1. They have the ball, we get a stop and our young point guard goes coast to coast (forget the clock and score). He misses a lay up, they get it back on a fast break and we fouled them. They take it out and next play their PG gets fouled. He makes one but the bad part is our big man fouled out (to me he's the top 2 Saudi player - he be killing). So we go to OT and I basically took over - scored like 11 and we won a game we should have lost. I had 34 pts and 11 rbs. It was kinda fun at the end. (Sorry that was a lot about the game)

The rest of the week was just practice and TV shows. I've been watching "Blue Mountain State" which is hilarious but I finished it. Now I'm watching "The Event" which is pretty good also. We travel to Jeddah for a game tomorrow against a very dirty team. Y'all know I will let you know how that goes. Wish me luck, y'all take care.

your boy Slim.



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0 #4 T.R 2011-04-26 15:17
Man, let me find out them ppls got yall # like Northwestern had ours in 96!! LOL Hope to see u soon homeboy.........and LMAO @ getn kicked outta the gym! Thts funny
0 #3 Rashod 2011-04-11 17:46
keep workin bro, enjoyed readin your posts. finish up srong we'll see you when u get back to the states right at #10
0 #2 T.R 2011-04-11 14:39
Mmmmaaaaannnnnn .........who checks Shaq!!????? Next time yall need to go zone!
0 #1 T.R 2011-04-05 15:02
Yo, Ima need to see you in the kitchen when you get back to the states!!!! I gotta see this whole cooking thing u say u can do! LOL! Enjoyed the blogs tho bro, keep em coming! (pause)

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